Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some thoughts on Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is a grown-up, a very successful grown-up. He can handle a little vilification in the enemy camp.

Two things are interesting:

He doesn’t get Rush’s message. Mr. Limbaugh wants President Obama to fail not just because it’s provocative to say so and profitable to say so, but also because President Obama program is antithetical to liberty (in Rush’s view). The Media doesn’t seem to understand this point. Their assessment that ideology needs to be complemented with new policies seems to have allowed him to turn a slightly deaf ear to ideology.

The Rush are very cogent and accurate. The Republicans do need to explain that Rush is one voice among many, and the Republicans do need to emphasize policies such as free-market health-care reform. And Republicans do need to show that Republican policies are better at ameliorating economic pain than Democratic policies. Rush Limbaugh, both at CPAC and on his show, sneered at “policies” as if it were a dirty word, and many conservative commentators have pointed out that this is a mistake on his part.

I love getting into a discussion with Libs!

I get the Weekly Standard and read it cover to cover. It is part of a conservative warrior’s arsenal of current events facts.

I love getting into a discussion with one of my lib friends and beating them with the facts.

Of course they resort to the Bush bashing with all their “yeah, but-s”……I just say “yeah but you are wrong” and move on to the next subject.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mideast Press Questions Obama

The Middle East press has questioned President Obama's authority over Arab-Israeli issues since Charles W. Freeman Jr.'s withdrawal from his appointment to a senior intelligence position. A commentary in Abu Dhabi's the National, a newspaper owned by an investment fund controlled by the government, said Freeman's decision Tuesday to withdraw as chairman of the National Intelligence Council ''threw the Obama administration into the heart of a long-running controversy over the alleged supremacy of pro-Israel hawks

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Barney Frank and the Gays

Everyday Barney Frank continues to serve in the public light, he drags down the public’s perception of gays, Democrats and overweight people.

He’s a one-man PR nightmare. And could someone please tell him to swallow his spit before he talks? He’s starting to make old, lisping pedophiles look good by comparison. I can just hear him: “Come here little boy, Uncle Barney has an all day sucker for you”.

And those ties he wears? Yikes.