Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Does Obama have a competence problem?

Yes, it's Amateur Hour in the White House!
How long the “Obama Loving Liberals” just sit by and let the Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid bunch take the country down the drain. How long will any of their supports just stand by and see their life's savings go down the toilet and still say "give him a chance"? How long are they going to say "I want his policies to do well? How long are they going to NOT question his decisions, only because he is a democrat?
It is already too late to start crying about his programs, his beliefs, his decisions, and wild spending actions. The country is already so deep in dept that I don't know how we are ever going to get out of this mess. It's already too late to wish that the Obama Presidency should fail miserably, he already has. Let's see how much longer the Liberal media is going to stand by his bull-shit. It's going to be very enlightening to see when the Elite Liberals start questioning Obama decisions when half of their wealth is gone. The Lib's and the media are already going after Jim Cramer and blowing his comments out of proportion because Cramer criticized Obama as a wealth destroyer.
I don't like the idea of spending more government money, nor am I interested in expanding government's role.
No wonder Americans are confused. It seems as if Obama is, too.
Or maybe not! Maybe he is doing his best to actually destroy the economy. And remake it along national socialist lines while giving aid and comfort to our enemies and dismissing our allies.
I have absolutely no sympathy for the brainless disillusioned Obama voters. They refused to look beyond the glitzy appeal of a smooth-talking black guy who's best offense was that he wasn't a Republican. Did they think the community organizer would suddenly sprout foreign policy experience, economic know how and managerial skills upon reaching that magic first day in office goal? He proved to be just what we already knew....a lefty minded, unseasoned, close-minded, inexperienced, indecisive Chicago punk who shouldn't have never even been in the Senate let alone the President.
So what now? Who if anyone in Washington is going to have the guts to publicly say that they were duped and this guy is an incompetent liar? And who if anyone is going to have the guts to confront him? I'll will be waiting on pins and needles.
And this
economic genius is telling us to buy into the stock market? Is he kidding? No investor in his right mind would invest heavily into the market at this point. And don't tell me that the market has been up for 4 days in a row. That my friends is what you call a "SUCKER'S" market.
It should be very clear to anyone with half a brain by now that Obama was not ready for this job and that he is in way over his head. Apparently the nomination of Washington's biggest tax cheat Geithner to become the Treasury Secretary wasn't enough proof that Obama lacked sufficient skills, knowledge, experience, etc. But he went on and on nominating the most incompetent administration that we have ever seen. But I think that we are starting to see the beginning of the end of the the love affair with Obama. So when I say, "I hope he fails" I really meant that I do. I hope he fails with his miserable plans for Israel and the Palestinians


  1. He has lots of mental problems for sure.

  2. The world burns. Meanwhile, In Washington DC, the furious wringing of hands continues.