Sunday, March 15, 2009

The attacks on Rush Limbaugh

The attacks on Rush have turned out to be yet another example of the Obamapeople not thinking things through. If we want to spend about 10 minutes on “important” things like who looks better in a suit, who can best display detachment and call it “calm coolness”, Barry’s the guy. And these important attributes deserve about 10 minutes, maybe less. This is what the Obamapeople do best, the politics of distraction.

Eventually we have to get to a debate of ideas, right? The love affair with The Won is just like any other crush each of us has experienced, after the first phase we get real, ask questions, and pay attention to what the other person is really about and what they say and do.

Some Americans may not want to move beyond the crush and in three years some will still be talking about who looks better in a suit, etc. The debate about ideas is getting through to some and thanks to Rush’s expanding audience, more are starting to focus on ideas. Even if you disagree with what you hear from him, at least you are thinking about why.

Many of you know I love to poke fun at our new President, mostly because he seems to have no sense of humor about himself. Make no mistake, I love this country and want better days ahead, for all of us. If the liberals believe their ideas are better, can they be content to leave the focus on that? I am happy to put aside my sharp humor and barbs when the party in power does the same. Let’s get to work on the problems we face and leave the junior high/middle school games behind.

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