Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Don’t Blame Me — I Voted for the Other Guy

When do those bumper stickers come out? You know, the ones which say, “Don’t blame me — I voted for the other guy.”

Given the freaking campaign lasted three years, Obama is like a tired incumbent in his fourth year of office. Frankly, and it is easy to forget, he had fallen behind McCain prior to the economic meltdown. I think that was because Obama was so overexposed the public had grown weary of him until they decided “enough” as far as the Republicans.

So in addition to his massive economic incompetence, there is fatigue with this president already. He very well may not be re-elected, and I’m certain his party will be punished for its gross excesses the next two election cycles. Whatever was new or magical about Obama dissipated the day he started to lie blatantly about earmarks and anything else that annoyed him.

As a New Yorker my first, circa 2006, impression of President Obama was that he was a young David Dinkins; our first, and only, black mayor of NYC. Dinkins was a calm and noble man with a sterling background who was elected mostly because of a belief in racial progress. This lasted about six months until the NY Post renamed him “Do Nothing Dave” because of his general cluelessness of how to solve the city’s problems, and an indifference that there were any.

The end began when a reporter wrote a feature article about the man that began with “He is not nice.” After that illusion fell we just marked time until the next election. Dinkins was the last Democrat elected mayor of New York City, a town of 83% Democrats, in the past sixteen years.

President Obama seems to be on a similar course, a one-trick Pony, ie a good reader, that has no business being POTUS. When the “he is not nice” illusion falls there will be nothing else there.


  1. Very well said.

  2. You're right, all he's good at is reading that teleprompter. Just wait until his ratings start falling, the left will turn on him. They aren't loyal to anyone.

  3. Nice blog!

    Thanks for stopping by mine.

    I can hardly wait for the left's turn.

  4. Let's hope he's a one trick pony, I can't handle 8 years of his incompetence.
    Thanks for stopping by my little blog. :-)

  5. Oh, I hope you're right. I'm afraid a lot of the damage will have been done by then. If so, it's gonna take a LONG time to clean up the mess. But I really hope you're right!

  6. .....When the “he is not nice” illusion falls there will be nothing else there.....

    Yup! That's what you get with an empty suit....nothing!