Monday, March 16, 2009

Remember Forest Gump?

Stupid stupid stupid....Congress gives all these billions of dollars requiring no accountability. What kind of way is this to run a business...they sure do not know. And this stupid tax cheat Geitner doesn't have a clue as to what to do. This jerk should resign. Obama and Dodd are the top two beneficiaries of AIG campaign contributions- and they're the two squealing the loudest about how corrupt AIG is. Hypocrite
As Rush says, this is the biggest misdirection campaign, orchestrated by the Democrats, in many a year. The real issue here is the government money that got paid out to all those banks, starting with Goldman Sachs; that's where the focus should be, and the outrage. AIG is 80% government owned; these bonuses have been known about for months by all the parties; why is it now a crisis?

Geithner drfated the bailout plan, Congress approved it a year ago, AND THESE ARE RETENTION BONUSES. Most of you idiots have probably never had a job long enough to be asked to stay on while the company reorganizes and phases jobs out, but that's what the cash is for.

Now the conveniently Alzheimerish crew on the Hill know nothing about it. DODD EVEN AMENDED IT TO EXEMPT THESE LAST MONTH. What lying slimbuckets.. Way to go America, here's your hope and change.

God, are they stupid!


  1. With the way the government is now it is exactly like some businesses. Congress is comprised of greedy, lawbreakers. Some businesses are comprised of greedy, lawbreakers. Congress spends more money than it has. Some businesses spend more money than they have. We have an idiot in the Oval Office. Some business have an idiot in the top office. Sigh...

  2. Well said! I didn't think anybody else realized all that. Honestly I was beginning to think I was the only one seeing the outrage about these bonuses and shaking my head. Geitner knew, many people knew. They gave away our money, no strings attached and now they're all having a coronary?! I think not... just another diversionary tactic so we'll forget about all the other money they're giving away. And all the world leaders they've now offended.