Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dialoguing with liberals - a lesson in frustration

The real reason why Obama wants the GOP to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh...this is the fastest way to achieve the goal of destroying the GOP.
If the GOP returns to conservative roots, maybe they will win an election.
I just came form a garbage blog found who found his inspiration from Michael Moore. Who by the way is coming out with a new film regarding the economy and the “end of an empire…”
Make sure you have your barf bag handy.

Liberals or Progressive ideology as they want to be called now, is a mental disorder. Liberals truly believe their form of government (taking away from some and giving to others who did not earn it) is viable while maintaining our standard of living. They also believe killing innocent children is a good idea but killing a mass murderer is just plain wrong.

Hey, look at that. I just proved liberals are clinically mad, without a degree in medicine, and did it in two sentences.

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