Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Open Letter To All Liberals

I'm sick and tired of you expecting everyone to pander to you and your PC crowd.
I am damn sick and tired of biting my tongue, forced into saying stupid these “new” terms every year like African American, etc, and this latest dumb one "Progressive" I can't stand more than any of them ......And now the "Undocumented Worker" phrase!! You people are fricking illegal’s and that's that, and that's what I'm calling you, and if you don't like it head for the border and back to whence you came from and get back in line like my family had to do to come to this once great country and city that's now a third world hell-hole. I've had it with crap as you can tell and I'm not playing along anymore!

And if you don't like that all you PC freaks out there in Barney Franks little world, than you all go screw yourselves and the damn donkey's you rode in on ..........

From now on I'm gonna do whatever I can to offend as many liberal do gooders as I can, starting with this damn ridiculous story below about a young kid who wanted to do more than anything a skit about his hero, who happens to be Barack Obama as misguided as that is, that's this child's little wish. And on the other hand here we have his school that won't let the little white Romanian kid wear a frickin mask of the Affirmative Action president.

A man who (while on the subject of schooling) got everything he ever achieved in this land and life handed to him on a silver platter from misguided and unfair affirmative action laws, paid for by the white guilt government at our mother luvin' expense (by the way as no one paid off my hundred thousand dollar education, first and foremost the damn government, mostly because I'm white.)

So why can't little Johnny wear the Obama mask in his little skit that he himself wrote and choreographed, too young and innocent to even have a racist bone in his body until the dumb PC lib adults chime in that is....?

Because his wearing this rubber Obama mask who the Halfrican himself wore on SNL MIGHT just offend someone, not that it has, or not that it did, but that it just might and most likely will offend some black child, and some little pansy white kid, and any other folks they can throw in there while they're at it.
I'm sure if the mask were of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan or better yet George Bush the verdict would be all systems go, say whatever and do whatever the hell you want little boy, mock away.....

So you're telling me that wearing a mask of the Half White Obama is offensive to black people? I think first of all that 99% of them would say that that's bull, and they would not be offended by it, unless of coarse there was some money in it for them or a day off of work. But because of reverse racists like Al Sharpton and Jesse The bandit Jackson, the entire human race has to stop and bite their tongues before they offend these two pieces of human waste?

Well I say the hell with them, the hell with this school and it's PC "so called" leaders who will suppress the free speech of a white kid just to appease a few potential black whiners out there.

It's high time to get over slavery and all this other so called offensive crap associated with it and everything else these damn do gooders pick for their "hate White America" project of the week. These people today are somehow ridiculously more offended and opportunistic about the short period of slavery in this country than the poor people that had to live through the most offensive parts of slavery ever were, EVER..

What the hell is that about?
Money, opportunity and free shit in the form of reparations..... that's what it's all about, just like Obama has gotten all his life pulling race cards left and right like Houdini doing card tricks.

The country is only 230 years old and slavery was during a very small but certainly painful and most regrettable period, a time of which we're all sorry ever took place but sadly did, where slavery still takes place all over the world today all around us as they quibble and bitch, and yet we don't hear a peep about crap like this slavery story from a week ago....., and yet the USA is the worst place on the planet all for that short and regrettable period of time in the grand time scheme of world history. A period of which by the way no one living on this earth today had anything to do with. Get over it already! We all have bad things happen to us in our past. And it WAS the past so it’s high time to let it go.

Neither I or anyone else alive today had nothing to do with slavery in America or elsewhere, and I'm damn sick and tired of sucking up to the people that are offended by every little thing and every little stick and stone, period. And so to you opportunistic and think skinned people out there this fine morning I again say screw it, your not neutering me anymore, that's for damn sure.

Now let the frickin little innocent kid wear his little Obama mask and let's move on to bigger fish to fry, like Obama and his minions stealing our country and it's treasure right from under our feet while we all whine and quibble over rubber masks and monkey cartoons in newspapers..
Boy have times changed in a few short months, when the rubber masks of Bush and Nixon were the best sellers and monkey cartoons in the newspapers daily.


  1. Great post, I agree they sure are exactly how you put it....They are a collection of crooks and cheats and cry babies

  2. It's hard to beat this guy's rants.

  3. Thank you very much for this post, it says exactly what I think, I believe that the election of a racist like Obama along with Eric Holder and company have set racial relation back 15 years.. I believe the (some) black people such as Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Rev. Wight and the likes of them are the ones perpetuating racism and keeping it alive. So many of us see people for who they are not what color they are, but so many black people are still looking to capitalize on a "wrong" that wasn't even committed against them personally. And I have ALWAYS wondered about that African American thing! What is that all about? We all know very well that most American Blacks do NOT originate from Africa.
    I also really like that this attack on the NY Post because of their cartoon... I follow a lot of political blogs and sometimes it gets to be a bit much.
    The scariest thing is the number of people who. didn’t care and voted for him just because he is black.. anyway. Someday they will understand their blind support for him will not save them from what’s coming down the line.
    They voted for his as if they were voting on American Idol, completely clueless people.
    His cabinet has more tax cheats than O'Reilly's in a Dublin phone book.
    As for the Rush Limbaugh thing, I think that It is beneath the office of the presidency to go after a mere broadcaster,a journalist, a commentator, a radio personality, and private citizens on such a personal level,is a disgrace.
    In short, Obama is scaring the hell out of everyone every time he opens his mouth, the stock market nosedives.
    But considering how he treated ordinary citizen Joe the Plumber, why should we be surprised!

  4. What a coincidence! We're sick and tired of you too!

  5. Lynne said...
    "What a coincidence! We're sick and tired of you too!"

    LOL, Looks like it struck a nerve.. but that's fine, it shows that I'm speaking the truth.
    I won't delete your Anonymous comment. I kind of like it when my posts hit home.

  6. Don't flatter yourself. You're just comical, that's all.

  7. And BTW, when someone puts their name, that's NOT anonymous.

  8. Very Well Said. Thank-You!

  9. Lynne said...
    "And BTW, when someone puts their name, that's NOT anonymous."

    ANYONE posting on a blog IS anonymous.
    Esp when they just us a name(any name) to hide his/her's identity

  10. "Barney Franks little world" is too funny! Love the post!

  11. Ok, so you can even argue about what is and isn't anonymous. There's the choice of a name or anonymous. I used MY name, therefore, I did not chose anonymous. Argue about it if it makes you feel superior. I'm not hiding. I'm Lynne.

  12. So, Daily Rant, now are you going to tell us how you really feel?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist that. I see we think alike. Thanks for dropping by my blog, and I am glad I returned the favor. I'll be back for sure.

  13. Daily Rant, Lynne is correct. In the blogosphere, if someone does not put any name at all then the comment comes up "anomynous". It could be that she doesn't have a blog, or was not signed in when she was here.

  14. Lynne said...
    "Ok, so you can even argue about what is and isn't anonymous. There's the choice of a name or anonymous. I used MY name, therefore, I did not chose anonymous. Argue about it if it makes you feel superior. I'm not hiding. I'm Lynne."

    Whatever! Your post was meaningless anyway.

  15. Yes, I agree, it was totally meaningless. What would be far more impressive if you had anything of substance to say.

  16. The thing is that liberals don't have anything of substance to say.
    They use rhetoric to make what they think is a point.

  17. Great post. Thats how I feel too !

  18. Damn skippy! Good post and keep up the fight!